Dream Employer: 100 Ideas Conference

The conference will take place on March 6, 2024



Reasons to participate in the conference

“Dream employer: 100 ideas” is a popular and respected conference among human resource specialists and it takes place for the eleventh time. At the conference we focus on employer branding positioning, creation and different talent groups in different sectors both in Estonia and internationally.

At the conference we will also announce the winner of the “Dream employer” competition.

Overview of employer branding

The best overview of employer branding development in Estonia and internationally.

Content packed presentations

Fast, content packed presentations and a lot of networking

Shared inspirations and experiences

Inspiration and personal experiences of top of the field specialists

100 great ideas

You will get 100 great ideas you can use in practice right away

Employer Branding

Employer branding is a strategic tool for top management to create a differentiated organizational culture. To become a Dream Employer in your field, you have to consciously position and communicate your image to the world.


Of employees think employer's reputation is important.

Want to learn from the best?

Conference program

“Dream employer 2024: 100 Ideas. Transformation“

Pre-conference webinar

Tuesday, 5th of March, 2024

“Brain, Movement, and Creativity: Mental Balance in the Workplace”

At the seminar, you will learn about the culture of emotional intelligence in the company and how to balance your emotions. We will explore how to combine physical movement and mental work, and how to create and implement movement metrics for employees, establishing a habit of exertion. Whether you are an HR specialist, recruitment manager, company leader, or just someone interested in maintaining a mental balance in the workplace and wishing for your colleagues to be healthy, this seminar will undoubtedly be an informative and valuable experience for you!

Anu-Mall Naarits



Katrin Maack

“Emotional Intelligence: Balanced Emotions in the Workplace. Five Triggers for Unleashing Strong Emotions.”



Kristjan Port

“Combining Physical Activity and Mental Work. Who, how, and when can or should movement metrics be implemented for employees? Movement in the Workplace. Three Recommendations.”



Jorgen Matsi

“Establishing the Habit of Effort. Why are we afraid of achievements/success? How can a leader support an employee in their efforts? Three Recommendations.”



How to Create Balance Between Work and Personal Life?



Experts Katrin Maack, Kristjan Port, and Jorgen Matsi provide advice and guidelines for maintaining mental health in the workplace.”



“Dream Employer 2024: 100 Ideas. Transformation“


Wednesday, 6th of March 2024

Location: Vision Venue event studio in T1 shopping centre (Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn)

Gathering and morning coffee


First part: “Future Work Styles and the Impact of Technology on Team and Leadership”


Various crises bring more innovations to the business landscape, human resource management, and team organisation. Let’s discuss the impact of technology on work, the future of remote work, the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment, and more.


Main topics:
  • Prioritisation in people management
  • How do the “happiest people in the world” work in Denmark?
  • What does “simple and respectful leadership” mean?
  • How can technology impact the balance of work and personal life?
  • What are the positive and negative effects of digital tools on a team?

The first part is in English.

 Linus Holmgren, People & Culture advisor, Talent Talk

“The Next Level of Employer Branding”

Kay Xander Mellish, Member of the board, KXMGroup

Keynote Speech: “The Happiest People in the World in 2023: Danes and the Work Culture in Denmark”


Marika-My Laid, Lecturer at TTK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Engineering and Circular Economy

Experience Story: “Future Work Trends and Technologies. Impact on People”


Participating in the discussion:

Linus Holmgren, People & Culture advisor, Talent Talk

Kay Xander Mellish, member of the board, KXMGroup,

Marika-My Laid, Lecturer at TTK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Engineering and Circular Economy

Linus Holmgren

Linus Holmgren

People & Culture advisor, Talent Talk

Linus Holmgren is driven by the belief that good relationships with current as well as potential employees are as important to an organisation’s success as relationships with customers and owners.
Do the best employees even know you exist? It is important to align the driving forces and interests of the employees with the company’s goals and to create a goal-oriented culture. Transform employees into your best advocates.

Kay Xander Mellish

Kay Xander Mellish

Member oh the board, KXMGroup

Kay Xander Mellish is a writer, host, and speaker who grew up in the United States and has lived in Denmark for over 10 years. She has previously worked in various Danish companies, including Danske Bank and Carlsberg, and currently leads KXMGroup. Kay has taken it upon herself to widely introduce Danish life and work culture. She studied at New York University in Manhattan, where she graduated in journalism and art history. Additionally, she has worked as a journalist in Berlin, Germany, and Hong Kong, and has experience in the media ind

Marika-My Laid

Marika-My Laid

Lecturer at the institute of engineering and circular economy, TTK University of Applied Sciences

Marika-My Laid is an educator and an entrepreneur with diverse experience in organisational culture. She has worked in the fashion and apparel industry with international teams, primarily from European and Chinese companies. Marika-My’s career has spanned from a technologist in the supply chain to the position of a company CEO.




Second Part: “Developing Employer Brand During Restructuring”


Companies are constantly seeking opportunities to develop their businesses, find the best employees, reduce costs, and increase efficiency by exploring possibilities hidden in evolving technologies, changes in legislation, shifting consumer behaviour, and altered economic conditions. We will examine the topic that company leaders must address and find solutions for those undertaking organisational restructuring and significant changes within the organisation.


Main topics:

  • How to take the employer brand to the next level in a crisis situation?
  • How and for how long is it possible to plan changes?
  • What solutions are on the table for company leaders during times of change?
  • How does internal communication work in the company considering different situations?
  • How to actually prepare employees for different crises? Should it be done?
  • How to develop the company’s brand during a crisis?
Participating in the discussion:

Argo Saul, member of the Board, Nordic Houses OÜ

Liisa-Maria Lees, acting Head of Estonia HR&I, Swedbank AS

Peeter Tohver, member of the Board, Wolf Group OÜ

Argo Saul

Argo Saul

Member of the Board, Nordic Houses OÜ

Argo founded his first company over 30 years ago, and for more than 20 years, he has been an employer in the export-oriented wooden house sector, also contributing as a board member to various business umbrella organizations. Since the end of last year, Argo, as an entrepreneur, has found himself in a new situation and once again needed to make crucial decisions.

Liisa-Maria Lees

Liisa-Maria Lees

Acting Head of Estonia HR&I, Swedbank AS

Liisa-Maria is a experienced (13+years) and passionate Human Resources expert with a proven track record in managing and implementing HR strategies, procedures, and policies within global organizations such as Experian Group and Creditinfo. Over the past five years, she has played an integral role at Swedbank, Estonia’s largest bank, where she presently holds a position as the Acting Head of Estonia HR&I. Before assuming her current position, she served as the Head of the Career Center, where she leaded employer branding, talent management, and recruitment initiatives.

Peeter Tohver

Peeter Tohver

Member of the Board, Wolf Group OÜ

Peeter Tohver is the Chairman of the Board of Wolf Group, a leading construction chemistry manufacturer in Europe. Peeter has 35 years of leadership experience both in Estonia and abroad. He has led the G4S Eastern Europe region, served as an advisor to the Moscow Transport Department, been the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, and held the position of Chairman of the Board at Tallinna Kaubamaja. Peeter Tohver’s strengths lie in team management, formulating and implementing management principles, and setting goals. He is a partner at Velström Vallner Tohver, a company providing management consulting services.

Coffee break



Third Part: The Dream Employer in Continuous Change


Over the last 11 years, Visionest Institute has recognised outstanding companies in the business landscape through the competition with the title “Dream Employer.” We are pleased to take a retrospective look and provide inspiration from companies that have been honoured with this title.

Main topics:

  • What will the Dream Employer of the future be like?
  • Employer trends and innovations
  • Brand communication
  • Changes in the Dream Employer, innovation, and technologies in the work environment
  • Dream employer best practices in HR and personnel management


Participating in the discussion

Kuno Tammearu

Rector of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences was the recipient of the Dream Employer Title in 2013

Andres Juur

Chairman of the Management Board, AHHAA Science Centre

AHHAA Science Centre was the recipient of the Dream Employer Title in 2016

Marge Rehepapp

Human Resources Manager, Ericsson Eesti AS

Ericsson Eesti AS was the recipient of the Dream Employer Title in 2017

Katrin Ehala

Head of the Personnel Department, Estonian Rescue Board

Estonian Rescue Board was the recipient of the Dream Employer Title in 2019

Awarding of Dream Employer 2024 and conclusion of the conference



International workshop

Solving the People Equation – Implementing a holistic approach to how you work with growing and strengthening your organization’s talent pool.

Thursday, 7th oh March, 2024

Solving the People Equation – Implementing a holistic approach to how you work with growing and strengthening your organization’s talent pool.
In this workshop Linus will take us through the process of successfully developing and marketing the attractive, engaging, and productive workplace of tomorrow.
The future is already here. We have a talent market where the power is shifting from employers to employees. Top talent is becoming more mobile in the job market and is seeking more than just salary and security. AI and technology are changing entire industries, professions, and organizations. This brings an urgent need for employers to think differently about how to attract and engage, as well as retain top talent, to be able to successfully reach their businesses objectives.
Through trendspotting, examples and cases from other employers and a framework for how it’s all connected, Linus will inspire and challenge the way you work with people management – both on a strategic and tactical level.


The workshop is intended only for representatives of companies that participated in the Dream Employer competition (up to 2 representatives from one organization) and conference speakers.

The workshop will be conducted in English without translation.

Are you ready to shift to a true Talent Mindset?
Linus Holmgren

Linus Holmgren

People & Culture advisor at Talent Talk

Linus Holmgren is an experienced and appreciated speaker and moderator in the people & culture industry. He is driven by the belief that the key to an organization’s success is to have employees who wants, can, and are allowed to do the right things. He has over 20 years’ experience of helping organizations with analyses, strategic choices, and effective solutions for the entire talent supply process. He has worked with a wide range of industries, with a both Swedish and international perspective, and a wide range of job roles and educational levels.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop:

• The most important trends in 2024, and a look into the future – How does AI, automation, the unbalanced job market, changing work demographics, the ever-increasing mobility and the changing demands of top talent affect various industries and professions?

• Creating a true Talent Mindset – Most leaders routinely say that “employees are our most valuable resource’. But is this just lip service, an uncomfortable truth, or something they truly act upon? Here we will cover how to inspire the right attitude from management and leaders that is crucial for successful people management.

• Aligning your employees personal driving forces and interests with the organization’s mission and goals (i.e. your “Why” and their “Why”). Your employees’ motivation and engagement are central to reaching business goals and achieving success. But how do you create a culture that is both productive and efficient, while also being attractive enough that employees are both motivated and capable of doing the right things?

• A new framework for people management – How could a framework for a new way of growing and strengthening your organization’s talent pool look like. How can you align the business goals with all people related initiatives that is going on in the organization – like culture and values, recruitment, performance management, and leadership development? And what department should be responsible for what areas in your organization?

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