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Reasons to participate in the conference

“Dream employer: 100 ideas” is a popular and respected conference among human resource specialists and it takes place for the eight time. At the conference we focus on employer branding positioning, creation and different talent groups in different sectors both in Estonia and internationally.

At the conference we will also announce the winner of the “Dream employer” competition.

Overview of employer branding

The best overview of employer branding development in Estonia and internationally.

Content packed presentations

Fast, content packed presentations and a lot of networking

Shared inspirations and experiences

Inspiration and personal experiences of top of the field specialists

100 great ideas

You will get 100 great ideas you can use in practice right away

Employer Branding

Employer branding is a strategic tool for top management to create a differentiated organizational culture. To become a Dream Employer in your field, you have to consciously position and communicate your image to the world.


Of employees think employer's reputation is important.

Want to learn from the best?

Conference program

First session – panel discussion

10.02.2021 13.00-15.00

“Another dimension in employer branding: IT sector experience”

Panel discussion participants are Estonia’s most successful start-ups and IT companies. The discussion is held in Estonian. 

Eva-Liisa Šmarjova

Employer Branding Lead, Pipedrive

Berit Grossberg

Employer Branding Manager, SMIT

Laura Laasi

Operations Manager, Toggl Plan


Eva-Liisa Šmarjova – Employer Branding Lead, Pipedrive

Eva-Liisa Šmarjova is an Employer Branding Lead at Pipedrive – sales software, which recently reached unicorn status. Eva-Liisa started her journey at Pipedrive eight years ago, then she was the first female employer. She has been working on employer branding for the last five years, during which Pipedrive received acclaim both in Estonia and internationally. Eva-Liisa believes that a strong employer brand begins within the company – foremost from inspiring managers and clear and shared values.

Berit Grossberg – Employer Branding Manager, SMIT (Ministry of the Interior’s IT and development center)

Berit is proud to be an Employer Branding Manager at SMIT. She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, mostly in the fields of telecom and logistics. In recent years, she refocused her expertise from the event, retail and direct marketing, and branding to employer branding (read: reputation). Berit enjoys her job because it can influence happiness at work and thus the results of the whole organization.

Laura Laasi – Operations Manager, Toggl Plan

Laura Laasi is an Operations Manager in a company, fully based on remote work. She values an asynchronous way of working, people managing themselves, and good communication. Moreover, she believes that the base of a successful team is trust, openness, and competent managers. Laura describes herself as a startup swiss-army knife. She started her career at Toggl Plan five years ago as a Marketing Manager, then moved to Product Owner position and now she is an Operations Manager. 


Second session – panel discussion

10.02.2021 15.30-17.30

“Break out to the job market – what do newcomers do differently?”

Panel discussion participants are companies, freshly starting their business in Estonia. The discussion is held in English.

Laura Lustika (LAT)

People & Culture Manager, IKEA Baltics

Kadri Mäe

Director, People Operations, Bob W.

Kristi Täht

Head of Human Resources Unit, eu-LISA


Laura Lustika – People & Culture Manager, IKEA Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Laura Lustika is People & Culture Manager at IKEA Baltics. She is responsible for leading and coordinating HR processes, as well as recruitment in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. IKEA has established its presence on Estonian and Latvian markets for past 2-3 years, bringing unique culture in retail market. Laura Lustika will share how recruitment and other People & Culture processes work with the goal to attract and retain employees. Previously she worked in Douglas Latvia and Apranga Group.

Kadri Mäe – Director, People Operations, Bob W. 

Kadri Mäe is an HR professional, who has vast experience in different international technology startups, media fintech sector, recruitment agency, etc. Kadri’s passion is building new teams from scratch and creating a strong organizational culture. She has a special spot in her heart for employer branding and creating a 5-star experience for employees. Kadri is proud of her work at such companies as Scoro, Adcash, Ekspress Meedia, and Opera.

In the role of a fresh HR manager at Bob W her goal is to introduce Bob W as a quickly growing technology company, which has a goal of bringing hospitality to a new, sustainable level. In addition, she wants Bob W’s multicultural team to grow, gain new smart and responsible members, and build a company culture offering a 5-star experience.

Kristi Täht – Head of HR Unit, eu-LISA (European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems )

Kristi’s experience originates from the public sector. Previously she worked as an HR Manager for the EU Presidency and HR Manager at the Ministry of Justice. Kristi thinks that the EU Presidency experience was especially interesting – it included the preparations, creation of the team, strategy development, and cooperation projects. Starting from 2018 Kristi is an HR Manager at eu-LISA, which has a main office in Tallinn and an IT systems center in Strasbourg.

Special session

11.02.2021 11.00-12.00

“How can Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund support employers?”

  • Training subsidies for employees
  • Support of employees at a new workplace
  • What are the work bits and how to register them?
  • Case studies – real-life examples of how Unemployment Insurance Fund helped companies.


Livia Laas – Employers’ Services Manager, Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

Livia is an Employers’ Services Manager at Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and her daily work includes the development of cooperation between the Insurance Fund and the employers. Employers are important partners for the Unemployment Insurance Fund – without them, it would not be possible to do good work and support people in finding new jobs. Livia belies that working and contributing together brings benefits to all the job market parties – employers, clients, and society. In her speech, she will give an overview of the most relevant services for employers and connected updates. 

Third session – panel discussion

11.02.2021 13.00-15.00

“Experience of acclaimed employers”

Panel discussion participants are the best employers from different European companies. The discussion is held in English.

Vilja Laaksonen (FIN)

Business Director, Aava & Bang Oy

Ragne Maasel

Head of ESG, LHV

Mindaugas Sestilo (LIT)

 HR Business Partner, Telia Global Services Lithuania


Vilja Laaksonen – Business Director, Aava & Bang Oy (Best Workplaces in Finland 2020)

Vilja Laaksonen works as a Business Director in Aava & Bang Oy, a small company named the Best Workplace in Finland 2020 in its category. Moreover, she is a researcher, writer, entrepreneur, and Ph.D. and has a truly scientific approach to management. She believes in lifelong learning and in addition to her doctorate, she has two bachelor’s and two master’s degrees as well as a pedagogical qualification. She will share her thoughts on how to make your company stand out and establish a stellar employer brand. At its best, the open communication and genuine presence are reflected within the company as a beautiful work culture that customers also fall in love with.

Ragne Maasel – Head of ESG, LHV (the Dream Employer 2014)

Ragne started her work path at the IT/ startup sector in the roles of marketing manager and consultant, helping new companies enter the international market and launch their marketing efforts. Her career at LHV as a Brand Manager started a bit more than 3 years ago. Today Ragne is the Head of ESG and in her work, she focuses on managing the company’s sustainability and its influence on the environment and society. Her goal is to understand how to influence the company’s performance and processes in the way that sustainability would absorb in every area and would become a part of work and overall perception of people working in every department. Ragne’s work both as a Brand Manager and a Head of ESG is in the big picture connected to change management and work with people, processes, emotions, and thinking patterns. Organization development is a topic nearest to Ragne’s heart and she will talk about it in her presentation.

Mindaugas Sestilo – HR Business Partner, Telia Global Services Lithuania 

Currently leading the HR strategy and implementation at the sole telco competency hub in Lithuania – Telia Global Services Lithuania, Mindaugas Sestilo has close to a decade of experience leading human resource divisions in large global organizations. With previous HR lead roles at banking giant Barclays and international aircraft maintenance organization FL Technics, Mindaugas now shapes the organizational culture, HR processes, as well as full employment cycle at one of the fastest-growing Lithuanian employers in the GBS segment.


Awarding the Dream Employer 2021

11.02.2021 16.00-16.30

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