Visionest Institute organizes the Dream Employer competition every year

Applications for the 2025 competition are open until Ocotober 31, 2024

Three views of the Dream Employer competition

It’s not only important to seem the best employer but actually be the best employer! For that purpose the competitors are analyzed in three views and every competitor gets a detailed report of their results.


The management view will show you how your management sees your organization as an employer.

Current employees

Through your employees endorsements we will give you the view of how your current employees see your organization.

Potential employees

In cooperation with CV Keskus we will find out how potential employees see your organization as an employer.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is a strategic tool for top management to create a differentiated organizational culture. To become a Dream Employer in your field, you have to consciously position and communicate your image to the world.


Of employees think employer's reputation is important.

Want to be the next Dream Employer?

Dream Employer winners

We have been giving out the title Employer of Dreams for eleven years. Want to be next on this list? Register your company for the competition – right now!

Why participate in the Dream Employer competition?

The Dream Employer competition is already taking place for the eight time and is respected among human resources specialists. The competition focuses on positioning your employer brand, you will find out how your organisation is seen by current and future potential employees. You can learn from the best and at the workshop, which is included in the competition, you will see what level others are on. This analysis is an important step in developing your employer brand.


Of job seekers do research on the reputation and culture of the company before they decide to apply

The jury

The Dream Employer is decided by an expert jury composed of top management and human resources specialists.
Renita Käsper

Renita Käsper

HRS Group

Global Director Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Triin Toomesaar

Triin Toomesaar

Vabaühenduste Liit


Lauri Tabur

Lauri Tabur



Irene Metsis

Irene Metsis


HR manager, trainer, consultant

Kristiina Palm

Kristiina Palm


HR Manager/Advisor in Cooperation with Employers at Eesti Töötukassa

Evaluation criteria

– Clear and focused employer brand positioning

– Organizations internal and external reputation match

– Do the activities of the organization complement the employer brand positioning?

– Does the way the organization executes planned activities support the employer branding positioning?

– Organizations employees satisfaction level

You can apply in 11 categories:

1. Electronics, telecommunications, information technology, banking
2. Education, science, training, personnel work
3. Public sector, state and public administration
4. Transport, logistics
5. Industry, production
6. Trade, customer service, retail trade
7. Legal field, marketing, advertising, PR
8. Consultation, finance
9. The third sector (NPO, SA)
10. Future maker: media, creative industries, translation, culture, entertainment, medicine, healthcare, social work, aid, administration, construction, real estate

11. Rising Star – Management (the company’s CEO is 35 or younger in 2023)

A company wishing to apply in the Rising Star – Leadership category must submit its application in another category.

The jury selects a finalist or one of the best from each sector, and then the overall winner from among the finalists. The winners will be announced at the “Dream employer: 100 ideas” conference.

NB! If there are only two candidates in one or the other category, they will participate in the “Future Maker” category.

Participating in the 2025 competition

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